8 Best Affordable Jewelry Brands Like Mejuri in 2022

The right piece of jewelry is a reflection of who you are, making you feel more confident and beautiful in your day-to-day life.If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’ve probably heard of Mejuri.The Toronto-based jewelry brand is a favorite among celebrities, influencers, and everyday people alike. With a vast array of rings, necklaces, and earrings in a variety of styles and materials.The direct-to-consumer brand boasts a range of refined, timeless styles that you can wear day or night.Actually,there are so many other fine jewelry brands like Mejuri.

So what is the most affordable jewelry?What is similar to Mejuri?To help you on your search, here are 20 cute, trendy, and affordable brands to shop like Mejuri in 2022.These brands span across various styles and are generally affordable pieces, especially when you consider the typical investment in long-term fine jewelry pieces, and they'll sit nicely among your Mejuri treasures, too.


1. Missoma

Price Range: $25-$500(Some gold pieces up to $4500)

Brand Review:

Missoma is a globally recognized fine jewelry brand worn by various well-known social figures including Gigi Hadid and Margot Robbie. For jewelry from across the pond, this London-based label is the go-to in the world of high-quality accessories. 

Missoma specializes in really statement-like jewelry - all of their most famous designs are simple,but eye catching and very easy to wear.Missoma’s pieces usually come in three different options: solid 14K gold, gold-plated vermeil, or pave-studded.Missoma creates demi-fine jewelry that is versatile, transitional and can be worn both solo or layered with other jewelry products. Timeless chains, charms, huggies, and hoops are all some of Missoma’s most sought-after pieces. 

The brand also offers sets that make for excellent gifts or the perfect indulgence to make things easy, whether you’re into initials jewelry, gemstones, or gold chains. Not to miss is the label’s recycled metals collection, as well as trend-forward pieces designed in collaboration with influencer Lucy Williams. The brand’s purpose is to create demi-fine jewelry for the everyday wardrobe, which they do flawlessly.


Where to buy Missoma jewelry cheap?

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Price Range: $60 to $200(Some gold with diamaond pieces up to $8500)

Brand Review:

Aurate is known for fine jewelry to fit every budget. Their pieces are ethically sourced and sustainably made, featuring 14k gold, 18k gold, and 14k gold-plated vermeil.As a female-founded brand, the creators of Aurate sought to disrupt the jewelry industry by providing consumers with durable, high-quality pieces that not only look beautiful but are also specially crafted to withstand daily wear and tear. The company believes in transparent pricing, too, so these pieces are brought to you without import taxes, unnecessary middlemen, or traditional retail-level markups.

Aurate offers both minimal, everyday pieces as well as bold statement pieces, so you can create a well-rounded jewelry collection. The ethically made line features tons of sleek, timeless pieces for layering, from diamond-dusted rings to versatile huggies and zodiac pendant necklaces—all utilizing ethically sourced materials and recycled metals. Plus, the label has partnered with Kerry Washington to design chunky gold chains, lioness charms, baroque pearl pieces, and more. 

If you’re looking for handmade, ethically sourced jewelry, browse through Aurate’s plentiful accessory options. Everything is crafted in New York City, which also means that NYC dwellers can enjoy same-day delivery of 14- and 18-karat gold, AAA pearls, and ethically sourced diamonds (the rest of the country gets free shipping).



Where to buy Aurate jewelry cheap?

3.Stone and Strand

Price Range: $20 to $700(Some diamaond pieces up to $15,000)

Brand Review:

Stone and Strand was launched in 2013 after their founder wanted to change the narrative of only owning high-ended jewelry for special occasions. Stone and Strand founder Nadine Kahane said goodbye to the boring world of high-end jewelry intended only for special occasions and hello to a more equitable and wearable approach to luxury. 

From wedding bands and engagement rings to chains you literally never have to take off, Stone and Strand has a little bit of everything—and it’s all made right in New York City.Most pieces are made of 14-karat solid gold — though you can also find more affordable gold-plated options — and the diamonds and gemstones used are ethically sourced and conflict-free.

Ethically sourced and conflict-free, Stone and Strand has its own capsule collection while also curating other like-minded brands on its site. Its first capsule, Good Girl Tools, sets the tone for the types of jewelry you can expect from the rest of the brand: bold, pretty, and wearable for every day. 

Not only is Stone And Strand a revolutionary jewelry brand but they’re one that supports and empowers women, which is seen through their Good Girl Misson. This mission champions inspirational women through creative collaborations and a grant program that awards grants for minority female talent throughout the jewelry industry. If you're after dainty pieces that can be layered up to no limit, look no further than Stone and Strand.



Where to buy Stone and Strand jewelry cheap?


Price Range: $10 to $200(Some diamaond pieces up to $1800)

Brand Review:

Gorjana is the go-to destination for gorgeous fashion and fine jewelry. The company was started by a So-Cal-based husband and wife team who dedicated themselves to perfecting the craft of jewelry-making.Their California-inspired jewelry line is filled with delicate gold pieces for everyday wear. This jewelry line gives us serious Cali-girl vibes. Whether you’re the type to rock a single delicate necklace or layer up with cool chains, coin necklaces, and beads, pieces from this line will always add a freshness to any outfit. 

The brand has a mix of 14-karat gold plated jewelry, as well as solid gold pieces and finer items that feature real diamonds and gemstones, however, all of the items remain devoid of a four-figure-price tag. This brand is well-loved for its range of affordable, gold-plated pieces that range from simple and dainty to funky and trendy, which pretty much all cost under $100. If you want something a little more luxe and have extra room in your budget, Gorjana recently introduced a line of fine jewelry that's made up of solid 14-karat gold and diamonds.

Layering is one of Gorjana’s expertise and their company is constantly evolving the way they layer. Each new season’s products complement the last which goes to show they really value the ability for their customers to grow with the brand and always find products to continuously enhance their jewelry collection.



Where to buy Gorjana jewelry cheap?


Price Range: $10 to $500(Some wedding jewelry up to $12,500)

Brand Review:

Catbird — a Brooklyn-based jewelry brand which is most famous for its custom claspless Forever Bracelet.And  its other designs have also been taking TikTok by storm. This Brooklyn jewelry brand is a mecca for all dainty everything, including thin stacking rings, teensy stud earrings, and barely there chain necklaces and bracelets you’ll never want (or have) to take off. 

Catbird also offers engagement rings and wedding jewelry for more investment-worthy designs, and frequently collaborates with other brands to create distinctive pieces you won't find anywhere else. 

Catbird works with dozens of artisans in-house and independent designers like Erica Weiner, Wwake, and Kataoka, and all materials are ethically sourced and conflict-free. It's fully transparent about the source of its materials and donates 1% of all sales to non-profits including the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. In addition to jewelry that's crafted in-house, Catbird is home to other designers and beauty and home goods. 

If you’re in New York City, the brand also offers a welding service to get one of its dainty Forever bracelets zapped to your wrist so that you can literally wear it forever.



Where to buy Catbird jewelry cheap?

6.8 Other Reasons

Price Range: $10 - $75

Brand Review:

From gold-plated hoops to layered lariats, 8 Other Reasons is loved by celebrities, influencers and stylists. 8 Other Reasons has been around since 2014, selling their accessories at stores like Target, Free People, Forever 21, and Nasty Gal, but they really got on everyone's radar when Khloe Kardashian wore the brand while filming episodes from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The 8OR girl is unapologetically sexy – what we like to call a baller bohemian. She is beautifully intense and always perfectly undone, she's the stone cold fox in boots and the life of every party.



Where to buy 8 Other Reasons jewelry cheap?


Price Range: $50 - $500(Some diamaond pieces up to $3000)

Brand Review:

Based out of Rhode Island, Rellery prides themselves on cutting out the middleman. As they sell direct-to-consumer, their prices are quite affordable for the quality. Catapulted to internet stardom for its Zodiac coin necklaces, Rellery offers several funky collections for the cool girl — but its offering goes beyond astrology. They sold all types of jewelry (everything from rings to earrings), and everything looked minimalist and classy. 

Rellery believes in delivering high-quality jewelry at an affordable price with no extreme markups but with the craftsmanship of an artisan piece. Made of only precious metals, these pieces are designed to last. They don't cause skin irritation, they don't tarnish over time, and while delicate, they are strong pieces.

Rellery provides ethically made and sourced jewelry from within the U.S. They only work with precious metals such as Sterling Silver14K Solid Gold or 18K Gold over Sterling Silver, so you never have to worry about your skin turning green or your pieces rusting if they are exposed to water. 

It’s not only the designs that make Rellery unique but the thoughtfulness of how they produce their jewelry. Rellery focuses on ethically made jewelry which means they don’t mass-produce like traditional jewelry companies. Most of their items are made-to-order, except for some of the most popular items like chains. This helps them reduce waste associated with the mass-manufacturing process. 



Where to buy Catbird jewelry cheap?

8.Bing Bang NYC

Price Range: $20 - $500

Brand Review:

Bing Bang NYC was founded in 2000 by Anna Sheffield,and to this day remains a super small, women owned and operated business with a whole lotta heart.The Bing Bang team crafts its delectable core collection of ultimate classics with only the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship. Bing Bang NYC is dedicated to crafting collections of classic jewelry with high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship. Not only does the brand have adorable jewelry but they have a ton of statement pieces as well. Plus, they’re incredibly affordable!



Where to buy Bing Bang NYC jewelry cheap?

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