Raycon Fitness vs. Everyday vs. Performer vs. Work Earbuds: What are the Differences?

Since 2016, the popularity of wireless earbuds has increased worldwide. There are a ton of new earbud brands flooding the market, the most famous one is Raycon, a rising star in the wireless audio space. This brand is the brainchild of singer, songwriter, rapper, television personality, actor, and entrepreneur Ray J. He. Its mission is to offer high-quality, affordable audio tech to the active modern listener. Raycon‘s range of earbuds now extends to four models: Fitness, Everyday, Performer and Work. So what's the difference between them? Which one should you pick? In this article, I will take a closer look at each of the Raycon Wireless Earbuds and see which you might prefer.


Overview of Raycon Fitness, Everyday, Performer and Work Earbuds

| #1  Raycon The Fitness True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Google Users Rating: 4.5/5

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The Raycon Fitness Earbuds True Wireless are also known as the Raycon E45 and are sports-oriented earbuds. They're lightweight, very portable, and have a comfortable as well as stable fit. The Raycon Fitness Earbuds are mediocre for neutral sound. Out of the box, they have a very v-shaped sound profile that delivers intense thump, punch, and boom while vocals and lead instruments are bright. While they lack a companion app, they have three onboard EQ presets.This is especially nice since some users may find their heavily v-shaped default sound profile overly muddy and harsh.



The Raycon Fitness Earbuds come with four pairs of differently sized stability fins to help you get the best fit. They are available in black, red, blue, white, and rose gold. Their 10.4-hour continuous battery life can last through long workouts, and their carrying case holds roughly five additional charges.  Another important feature is the IPX7 Water Resistance, which helps The Fitness Earbuds function even when faced with sweat or rainy weather. In a word, The Raycon Fitness Earbuds are great for sports and fitness.

Fit can be customized for any earEarbuds can fit loosely in charging case
Three equalizer modes to adjust your audio for whatever you’re listening toLow maximum volume

Built-in mic and vivid voice technology for

clear calls

IPX-7 rated to resist water, sweat, or dust
Available in multiple colors
Bluetooth connection with 33-foot range
Absurdly long battery life

| #2  Raycon The Everyday True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Google Users Rating: 4.3/5

The Raycon Everyday earbuds are also known as Raycon E25. They are the company’s most compact design, built for the day-to-day grind which come in four colors including Carbon Black, Electric Blue, Rose Gold, and Frost White. The earbuds themselves are also small and fit comfortably into your ears. The E25 also comes with five extra gel tips so you can find the best fit for your specific ear. Sound quality is on par with similarly priced alternatives. However, not everyone will like the bass-heavy trademark of these and all other Raycon earbuds.



Like all Raycon products, The Everyday Earbuds have a long battery life and promise 8 hours of continuous use at a time. To charge them, simply put them back in their wireless charging case, which can hold up to 24 hours of battery life. Their IPX-4 water resistance can helpsthem stand up to sweat and splashes. All in all, The Everyday E25 Earbuds are the most economical option among four model.

Lightweight and compactSo-so build quality
Plush cups for extra comfortNo earbuds control app

Good sound quality to suit your everyday


Doesn't come with satisfying call quality due to the average microphone
IPX-4 rating to protect from rain and sweat
Bluetooth 5 connection up to 33 feet away

8 hours of playback time on a single

charge, and 24 hours of performance with

the charging case in total

Available in multiple colors

| #3  Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Google Users Rating: 4.1/5

The Performer earbuds from Raycon are the company’s top-selling product across its range which are vailable in five colors (electric blue, flare red, rose gold, carbon black and frost white). The arc-shaped frame offers an ergonomic fit that stays in your ear through any activity. Their sound performance is much hotter and basses a lot more.The battery life in the earbuds is the same as  Raycon Everyday,  but the charging case holds more battery. While the E25 charging case only has 24 hours of charge time, the E55 case offers 36 hours. The addition of a wireless charging case set them apart from the more inexpensive Everyday model.



The Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are water-proof, all thanks to the IPX4 grade protection. The sweat protection makes this model of earbuds a more optimal fit for the gym than the E25. You can also use the one-touch features on the earbuds so you can work out hands-free. These headphones are compact, comfy for the in-ears, and are an excellent sports choice, but if you’re not a bass enthusiast, you won't.

Comfortable fitCheap-feeling construction
Lightweight and portableOverwhelming bass

Convenient wireless charging

Terrible call quality
Good sound quality

Up to 36 hours of battery with the charging


Available in five colors
IPX4 water-proof

| #4  Raycon The Work Earbuds

Google Users Rating: 4.4/5

The Work earbuds are the highest-end Raycon earbuds which comes with the most features offered from any Raycon earbuds.These earbuds have a modern look and are available in carbon black and rose gold. Three pairs of memory foam tips and five pairs of gel tips are included, so your ears stay comfortable even with long-term use. You are able to tailor your listening experience to your liking with 3 different sound profiles. The Work earbuds are the only Raycon earbuds to feature active noise cancellation. Maintain your focus by cutting out annoying background noises around you. Active noise canceling filters out your environment, so all you hear is what’s playing in your headphones. Awareness Mode lets noise from your surroundings flow into your earbuds, so you can keep your ears open to what's going on in the world around you.



The Work Earbuds have six microphones built into the earpods. This allows for crystal clear calls and zeroes audio lag. You can answer calls by using one-touch innovative technology on each earbud. The one-touch technology also can pause music, control volume, and skip songs. The Work Earbuds have 32 hours of battery life and come with a charging cable, a wireless charging case, and a lanyard. In a word, these earbuds are the most expensive option that Raycon sells, but for a good reason.

Comfortable memory foam fitsComparatively expensive
Impreesive sound quality

Advanced Noise Cancellation and

Awareness Mode

3 sound profiles to tailor your listening


6 Vivid Voice microphones for crystal clear calls and zeroes audio lag
32 hours of long battery life

Raycon Fitness vs. Everyday vs. Performer vs. Work Earbuds: What are the Differences?

First, if you’re looking for premium sound, you’re not going to get it from the Raycon Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds are all budget alternatives to the more premium brands like Apple or Beats.

Raycon’s Everyday earbuds live up to their name nicely, as they are the lightest and most compact model. It makes them a good, inexpensive option for the daily grind.

The Raycon Performer are a bit more expensive than the Raycon Everyday earbuds . You will get a slightly better fit thanks to the built-in wing that hooks into your outer ear. In addition, they offer a better overall battery life with the wireless charging case.  If you tend to have issues with earbuds falling out, the Raycon Performer will be a better choice.

The Raycon The Fitness Earbuds True Wireless are better in-ears for sports and fitness than the Raycon E55 Truly Wireless, due to their IPX7 rating and absurdly long battery life. In addition, they have a better-balanced sound profile. The earbuds come with a number of stabilizer fins that also help them stay in your ears better than Raycon's other models.

The Work earbuds are the highest-end and most expensive Raycon earbuds which comes with the most features offered from any Raycon earbuds.To help justify the cost, these are the only earbuds to feature active noise cancellation. They also offer a better sound performance. Moreover, the Raycon Work earbuds come with memory foam eartips, and use six microphones to offer good call quality.

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