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Cheap and Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained During Summer Break

Trying to keep the kids entertained during the summer can be challenge without breaking the bank. Since this is the best time of the year for the kids we have to make it memorable. Here are some tips on cheap and easy ways to keep them entertained during summer break. Get Creative Have a craft day with the kids in the backyard. Invite some neighborhood kids over and family members. For example, you could plan a paint party.† Ask for a small donation from the parents to help with the cost....

Essential Hiking Gear

We heart the outdoors, and summer is the perfect time to explore them. Hiking offers a lot of benefits; itís great exercise, it connects you to nature, and it allows you to fulfill your sense of adventure and exploration. It is not, however, something you should just wake up one day and decide to do. For both safety and practicality, you need to make sure you have the right gear before embarking on any adventure. Despite itís name, Sportsmanís Warehouse is a great place to find tons of gear...

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Hiking Daypack

Living in the mountains of New York State there are so many breathtaking†places to go for a hike. Hiking is great exercise and allows you to see everything from a different perspective. I remember how awesome it was the first time hiked in the Shawangunks. Reaching the top and sitting on those rocks, looking down on everything, was a thrilling experience I will never forget. If you want to tackle some peaks, you will need some essentials. I want to focus on the number one essential, a...

Summer Skincare Tips for Children

Summer is such a glorious time for children. They hop on their bikes, throw water balloons and beg you to pull out the old slip and slide. There are so many ways to enjoy the long, sunny days and warm weather, but as your children clamor to spend all day outside how do you ensure they have fun without getting sunburned? Here are a few tips to ensure their skin is well protected despite the harsh elements. Sunscreen Create a habit of putting sunscreen on your children whenever they go outside...

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